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Personal Insurance

Think of your personal insurance premium as purchasing peace of mind, being able to have the knowledge that your home, vehicles and personal belongings are covered by experts that have the knowledge to ensure you are looked after. Our dedicated and well trained team will customize your personal insurance portfolio, protecting you against almost any risk you can think of in case of losses or unforeseen circumstances. Most of all, you benefit from our ability to manage all claims and policies in-house which enables us to provide fast, efficient service when you need it most.

What we cover

Household Contents

This insurance covers household items belonging to you, and to your family members who live with you on the insured premises.

All Risk

Ensure that your prized personal possessions are covered against any loss or damage. We can cover anything you take outside of your home, from laptops, your iPad or iPod, jewelry, cell phones, drones, glasses and more.

Motor & Pleasure Crafts

Cover for whatever means of transport you use, whether it’s a car, motorcycle, caravan, motor boat, yachts, Jet Skis or kayak.


Cover for your private property or other buildings for loss or damage caused by acts of nature, fire, explosion and subsidence.


Accidental damage is defined as sudden and unexpected damage to your property or contents by an outside force. For instance, drilling through a pipe or bumping a tv off its stand etc. Accidental damage cover is sometimes included in home insurance, but usually it’s sold as an optional extra that you would need to request to be added.

A client’s loss ratio is Insurance claims paid plus adjustment expenses divided by the total earned premiums. E.g. if an insurance company pays a R1000 in claims for every R2000 in collected premiums, the loss ratio would be 50%.

Any items worn or used outside your home such as laptops, iPads/iPods, Bicycle, Cellphones, Jewellery and Sunglasses etc.

The policy will pay out some of the costs, you will have to partially fund the replacement of your possessions. If you are underinsured, you become your own insurer for the balance of the losses which will not be covered according to the percentage of what it has been underinsured by.

This covers the shortfall on the outstanding balance of your vehicle if it is stolen or written off.
Check your Hire Purchase settlement figure annually to determine if your cover is sufficient.


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your needs with the best service we know how to offer as well as a wide range of insurance products with various insurers to satisfy your needs.

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